Tri County Security




Don’t force your business to fit security services: TCSA tailors security that serves your business.

Your business faces risks that are unique to your particular facility and environment. TCSA customizes security solutions that protect you against these specific risks, offering seamless integration with your business without requiring you to adapt or change your practices. After all: we’re here to serve YOU.


Security Service Committed to YOU.

Budget constraints, increased crime rates and understaffing leave law enforcement agencies scrambling to keep up. These agencies are dedicated to serving and protecting entire cities and often stretched too thin. The wellbeing of your business deserves and demands the commitment and personalized protection offered by TCSA Security.

Cost-efficient and effective, TCSA provides a unique blend of security professionals, industry-leading training and world-class security services. Our unparalleled dedication to customer service ensures your facility is well protected and your assets secured. When TCSA is working as your security provider, you become our sole focus.

TCSA provides comprehensive SECURITY SERVICES including:

  • Armed and Unarmed Uniformed Guard Service
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Video monitoring
  • Private Investigations
  • IT Network Services, setup and security
  • Security Studies, Security Audits, Risk Assessments
  • Verified Alarm Response
  • Marine patrol services
  • Property Management / Security Hosting for Auctions and Pre-Auctions
  • Vehicle patrol services
  • Undercover officers
  • Motion Picture / Productions Security
  • Special events & private parties
  • Special Response Teams (SRT’s)
  • Permanent/Temporary Security Fencing


  • Risk Assessments & Security Surveys
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Risk Management
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NOTE: We customize security solutions to meet your specific security needs, combining the above listed services to cover all your concerns. Contact TCSA today and discover security solutions designed with you and your business in mind.