Tri County Security




Confidence, professionalism, dedication and comprehensive industry knowledge: none of it is possible without the highest level of quality training. TCSA considers training to be the foundation of our stellar security personnel. Our ongoing commitment to training ensures that our security professionals are equipped to meet your needs today and tomorrow.




Our Training:

Before an officer ever enters service with TCSA, he or she must first complete an in-depth basic officer-training course, which covers:

  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Cultural Dynamics
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Role of the Security Officer
  • Reporting Emergencies
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Citizen Contacts
  • Tactical Communications
  • Officer Safety
  • Fire Detection and Reporting
  • Criminal Law
  • Arrest, Search and Seizure
  • Civil Law
  • Juvenile Law
  • Preliminary Investigations
  • Report Writing
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Loss Prevention Principles

Upon completion of this rigorous course, our officers-in-training continue training with:


In keeping with our commitment to provide customized security solutions, TCSA officers undergo up to 40 hours of site-specific training. This flexible program can be customized to meet individual client requirements and instructs our officers in client’s security staff, site-specific policies and procedures and other areas unique to a particular client. In addition, TCSA may provide additional training in customer service and public relations to further ensure that your requirements are met. Upon completion of each training module, each officer is then tested.


As a value-added service to our clients, you may choose to have your TCSA employees certified in First Aid / CPR. Upon successful completion of a local Red Cross Chapter course, certification is granted and updated as required by the American Red Cross.


Every TCSA supervisor undergoes the same extensive training provided to all our security officers, as well as extensive additional training. TCSA promotes supervisors from within our company whenever possible.

To ensure the success of current and future supervisors, TCSA provides access to advanced training in the area of security management, utilizing a training program professionally developed by PSTN, as well as frequent mentoring under our most experienced supervisors. Upon completion, supervisors must complete a written final examination covering the applicable training series.


Supervisors can receive training in the following areas:

  • Module #1 Principles of Leadership I
  • Module #2 Principles of Leadership II
  • Module #3 Effective Communications
  • Module #4 Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Module #5 Time Management
  • Module #6 Behavior and Motivation
  • Module #7 Sexual Harassment
  • Module #8 Substance Abuse
  • Module #9 Discrimination and Affirmative Action
  • Module #10 Career Development Opportunities
  • Module #11 Mastering Memos
  • Module #12 Power Writing
  • Module #13 Better Business Grammar
  • Module #14 Be Prepared to Lead

Additional areas of training may include:

  • Appearance, attitude and conduct in accordance with TCSA general requirements.
  • The laws of search and seizure, as they apply to the security field.
  • Arrests and defensive tactics.
  • Elements of offenses directly relating to the protection of persons and property.
  • Fire protection, fire equipment, and fire safety relating to the client.
  • Human relations and public relations.
  • Supervisor Awareness Training: a reaffirmation of primary objectives to maintain order, protect the interests of the client, staff, visitors, and property from harassment, injury, damage, or theft and to contact appropriate law enforcement agencies when necessary.

In addition to extensive training, our employees also undergo recurring quality control evaluations, as well as adherence to our Quality Assurance Program



30/60/90-Day Employee Evaluations


To facilitate and promote employee advancement, TCSA management conducts periodic employee evaluations administered by our Human Resources Department at predetermined intervals. We want each and every employee to reach their full potential and these evaluations are a positive instrument to provide feedback and counsel during an employee’s introductory period with TCSA.


Our commitment to our clients requires us to verify site-specific training effectiveness and officer knowledge of your site. Administered by each Site Supervisor, these exams guarantee that you receive the very best in professional service tailored to your specific site.