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Career Opportunities with Tri-County Security Agency, Inc.

Welcome to the TCSA Career Page

Enthusiasm. Commitment. Self-Discipline. Positive Attitude. TCSA believes these are the characteristics our employees need to possess in order to provide the stellar service and customer satisfaction upon which our reputation is built.


Your desire to succeed and willingness to work hard can earn you industry-leading training, career growth opportunities and a competitive compensation package.

Our commitment to our employees is manifest in our turnover rate, which is far lower than both the state and national average for security agencies. Our employees understand and appreciate the value of the training, benefits and overall compensation provided by TCSA, and, equally, we understand and appreciate the value of our employees.


Our security guard screening process includes:

  • Preliminary screening interviews
  • Pre-interview questionnaire
  • Interview
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Pre-employment reference check
  • Minimum physical standard requirements
  • Fingerprint Check
  • Background Check
  • Licensing
  • Driver’s License Check

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To apply for a position with TCSA :

Simply complete the online application or visit one of our offices
Contact us by phone or e-mail